4 Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Your Upcoming Event

bulk sms marketing vendorsRecently, a client of mine asked me to suggest the best marketing strategy, and upon suggesting SMS marketing, his words were – No, no one likes to read SMS anymore. Apparently, what he thought about SMS marketing is just a concept of sending promotional messages to someone’s mobile phone. While he is right at a broad level, he surely misses a lot in context of SMS marketing.

SMS marketing, in general, is much more than just sending promotional messages. If done properly, this is a strategy which may win a lot for businesses. Particularly, if you are a company that has direct interaction with your clients and organizes frequent events, SMS marketing can be prove to be a bliss for you. Here is why:

Notify about the events:
People love attending special events, but they hate searching for the upcoming events in their city. For instance, if you hire Bulk SMS service in Bangalore and send messages to people in city to notify your customers or prospective customers about the hot events that are going to take place in near future, they will love attending them. SMS marketing can be the best way to notify your prospective attendees. However, don’t forget to provide all details about the event. As said before, people hate searching for an event, and they won’t search if you don’t provide ample information.

Ask them to participate in a poll:
Why not ask people to decide the theme of your next event, or the celebrity guest or the chief guest? People love giving their suggestions, and they feel more connected to something when they are asked for some input. Organizing a poll and inviting people to give their valuable inputs can be a great way to connect with your attendees.

Giveaways & Freebies:
We all love free stuff, and we love it more when it falls in our lap. So why not use SMS marketing to offer something for free. It can be a free pass of your event to a special prize for attending the event. If you organize a public event and expect a mass audience, it can be difficult to offer something for free to so many people. A lucky draw can be the alternative. Let people try their fortune.

Comments & Feedback:
This can be done is two ways. First, if some people have attended your previous event, you may ask for their feedback and suggestions to implement in your upcoming event. Second, you may ask for the feedback and comments right after your event. People will value you more if you value their words, and SMS marketing can be a great way to seek their valuable words.
The technology of today has reached to great advancement, and your SMS is no more just an SMS. The Smartphones allow people to access everything through the message itself and you should always use this power. There are many more ways by which you may use Bulk SMS service in Bangalore to promote your event and invite more people to invent, but these four tricks will do the magic for you.

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