Bulk SMS – BEST way to promote your business.

Effective Bulk SMS marketingIf you Send Bulk SMS of SMS is not a part of your marketing strategy, you are missing a lot. With over half the world’s population equipped with a mobile phone, a bulk SMS service provider may give your business huge potential. All it takes is a winning strategy to connect with these billions of people, and asking them to help you gain success in your business.

Below are a few reasons suggesting why bulk SMS marketing is still the most effective marketing strategy out there.

1. Instant Delivery:
When sending bulk messages to promote your business, you do not require to wait for your recipients to read your marketing material. People open their email accounts on a specific time, and they search online on a specific time. But they have their mobile phones with them every single minute, which ensures, your message is instantly delivered to your target audience.

2. Highly Targeted:
You may choose to send your message to your entire contact list or may Send Bulk SMS the SMS to some selected people in a selected area, interest and age group. Bulk SMS service provider offers highly customization services and you may tailor it as per your services and targeted audience.

3. Easy Opt-In and Opt-Out:
The success of any marketing campaign depends upon valuing your customers, and bulk SMS marketing addresses this factor quite effectively. With a simple reply of Yes or No, your recipients may opt-in or opt-out from your service.

4. High Open Rate:
Bulk SMS have highest open rate when compared with email marketing or any other marketing strategy. People have a strategy to reach their pocket whenever they get a notification, which ensures your message will be read by a large portion of recipients.

5. High Conversion Rate:
Due to availability of different call-to-actions including voice calls, reply message or clicking on a link, bulk messages offer high conversion rate. A large number of your recipient will take an action once they receive your message.

6. Reliable:
When you send an email, chances are there that it will land in the spam or junk folder. This is not an issue with bulk SMS because it will always hit the inbox of your recipient. This makes bulk SMS highly reliable. Hire a bulk SMS service provider that offers most reliable services.

7. Short Messages:
People hate reading long texts, and this is the reason why most of the promotional emails are deleted before read. SMS, on the other hand, has a word limitation and thus forces you to keep your message short and sweet. People love reading such short messages.

8. Cool Factor:
When your business message reaches your prospective customers on-the-go, and when you constantly remain in touch with your customers, it enhances the reputation of your business and company. Also, it appears like you are making the best use of technology. It adds a cool factor in reputation of your business.

9. Unlimited Potential:
Due to the fact that billions of people use mobile phones, there is limitless potential in bulk SMS marketing. Even if you shortlist your recipients based upon their geographical area, interest, age group or other factors, you have a huge list in your hands.

10. Go Green:
No need to print your promotional brochures and no need to ask your customers to print your email. Everything is Digitization, which helps the environment and helps the world to go green.
And along with these, there are many more factors suggesting why bulk SMS is the best way to promote your business. Find the most suitable reason for you, and start shooting the messages right away. You will see the difference in no time.

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