Advantages of Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Companies

Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Services are one of the most viable options to promote any product among the target audience. Marketing messages are meant for providing correct information to the receiver quickly almost instantaneously.

These information-rich marketing messages are taken into use by the stock broking companies and banks to send alert texts to their customers or updates about the accounts.

The advent of Bulk Messaging technology has emerged as a boom in the promotional industry. The quick strategy allows the company to reach prospective clients easily without digging deep into pocket.

There are ample of Bulk SMS service providers in India who are serving different companies, they offer unparalleled and excellent services and entrust well-timed distribution of messages to without lagging behind the time.

Below are some advantages of Bulk SMS in Stock Broking Companies:

Market News Update
Stock market is one of the most unpredictable industries that changes rapidly without any previous hint. It is important to keep an eye on new investigations and movements taking place in the market.

Stock brokers have to deliver correct information, tips and guidance to the stockholders below the line. Bulk SMS Service can help potential investors to remain updated about frequent changes in stock market.

Trade confirmation notification
Stock market is unexpected; random changes can take place anytime and stockholders have to take instant steps to purchase shares that will be profitable in future.

Clients have to aware of each and every facet of the company, stock option, types of shares, investment, stock trading, mutual funds, debentures and securities. Connecting all clients with mobile SMS service can help you in serving appropriate information quickly.

Sending trade confirmation notification through SMS is best way to provide instant information without the need of internet. High priority Transactional information SMS service made the transactional process easier and safer than ever.

End of the Day Position Notification
Bulk SMS service provider in India delivers world class services to potential customers and stock brokers. At the end of day, they send a position notification to the clients in which the entire change of stock market is mentioned. The leading marketing companies provide end-to-end mobile data solutions to fulfill the needs of customers and brokers.

Below are some uses of SMS service in Stock Market:

  • Sending intraday selling and purchasing tips to the investors quickly via Transactional SMS service.
  • Sending Stock precise information, also give an idea about risky and new stock introduced in market.
  • Connect market updates, every hour of the day
  • Informing customers about ideal trading practices as value added services
  • Informing about forthcoming IPO updates to listed customers
  • Use long code facilities for users for Free SMS registration.

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