Benefits of Bulk SMS in Media & Entertainment

Bulk SMS in Media & EntertainmentReaching out to people on their personal number is the most effective way to let people in a particular target market know of an event – be it a corporate conference or a rock concert! Also, download links need to be sent to the right numbers. This is why Bulk SMS in Media & Entertainment is still among the most effective marketing strategies.

For the various requirements of India’s media and entertainment industry, the right¬†Bulk SMS¬†service providers can help in these 3 unique ways –

(a) Ticket Sales
Any event manager will tell you, that these days, reaching a person’s personal phone is the best way to increase ticket sales. However, the Bulk SMS Service Provider has to ensure that the messages are sent out to a localized database – and within the right target group! Tickets for a classical music concert will not sell well with college students; but a rock concert would mean that the target market is a younger crowd. This means that your service provider or vendor will have to be registered in India, since there are strict privacy laws regarding telemarketing!

(b) Music Sales
While the music industry faces threats from the free online download market today; people still download ringtones, caller tunes, or songs on their phones and devices! This is where a reliable Bulk SMS service provider is required to spread download links across many phones in a given zone. However, you have to make sure that your service provider has a proper database of numbers to spread such download links to (meaning people who have a download history!) Without the right database, you would be uselessly spending on a mass of messages that will get ignored.

(c) Publicity of Corporate Events and Job Fairs
For corporate events, a Bulk SMS Service Provider will have to have phone numbers at an executive level; which often have a “Do Not Disturb” privacy service activated! This is why the service provider has to have registration with telecom companies directly for the right work / professional contacts of executives! For Job fairs or industrial events, the service provider has to reach out to the phones of students, job seekers, or engineers; and have to have resources with job portals and professional databases. However, Bulk SMS in Media & Entertainment to the right selective phones of professionals is the BEST way to ensure more foot falls into your corporate event or job fair!

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