Benefits of Email marketing for brand promotion 2018

Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the best and one of the most economical way to promote business. The best part about benefits of email marketing for brand promotion 2018 is that it is very cheap rated as well as can be focused on your desired target audiences. All you need is a good database of prospective clients.

Email marketing is directly marketing a commercial message to more no of people using email as a platform. Email is done either to an existing list or a current database of customers.

The current database of people is regular clients of the business. Whereas sold list is prospective customers who may be interested in a particular service or product. Email enables communicating with huge no of audiences.

Email marketing is alive and well and there are quite a few reasons why is useful for your small business.

  • Pricing
  • Simple & quick
  • Personalization
  • Measurable

Email Pricing and Cost

One of the major reasons that Bulk email marketing is preferred over traditional marketing is because it is a pocket-friendly and a cheap medium of marketing. One comparison shows a direct email with an 8% ROI versus at 30.5%.

That’s a huge gap whether you are a small business with a limited amount of resources or a large organization with many online marketing options to choose from.

Simple and Quick

Think about the point that how many emails you write in a day. How easy is it to do? Most everyone can quickly write an email and hit ‘send.’ To destination, It doesn’t take a lot of your business’ resources or time to put together an email and send it off. You may already be doing more process than you think.


People like get messages that are personalized. The like being communicated one on one. You can easily customize your email depending on various sections of the target audience and location which would give better returns.


When you choose to use an email service for business promotion or sell an offer, one of the benefits is the tracking ability you gain. There are many measurable actions you can track such as bounce rates, click through rates, delivery rates, open rates and unsubscribe rates.

You can easily get a screenshot of how your email campaigns are performing, make adjustments and improve your effectiveness. Bulk Email marketing metrics are beneficial to remember as you monitor and measure your internet marketing strategy as a whole.

These are the various reasons why bulk email marketing popularity has increased over the years.

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