The important ways Bulk Messaging Software and Services Helping Businesses in adversities and brand promotion

bulk messaging software

Let me first introduce you with Bulk Messaging so that you understand the need properly. The bulk messaging term is used for a large number of SMS messages for delivery to a large number of mobile phone at once. Bulk messages are usually used by every other company in the world but it is specially used by the media companies, online retail companies for coupons and offers, schools, colleges, banks enterprise, by the telecom companies to pop up new talk time offers. The purpose of bulk messaging is to promote some service or product or to convey a piece of certain information to a large number of people in just one click.

Bulk messages or Bulk Messaging Software are becoming one of the most cost-efficient and time-efficient ways of marketing for both brands and customers. With the help of Bulk Messaging Software like Mailchimp, one message can be sent to tons of phones at the same time.

One of the greatest advantages of the bulk SMS messaging is that it reaches almost anywhere, anytime at minimal cost and efforts. In studies, it is found that 90% of the people read an SMS within three seconds which means that short messages have more readability chances.

Bulk messaging is faster and engage able than email marketing because very fewer mails are being read and get into the spam but this problem doesn’t exist with bulk messages.

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How bulk messages and Bulk Messaging Software are helping businesses?

Bulk messaging service helps businesses in consumer engagement, product promotion, offers and discounts, and helps to deliver urgent and short information at very less cost and very less time.

Bulk messaging service is preferred by the biggest sharks of the business world like chipotle, dominos, 7 eleven, subway and many more. Chipotle not only use bulk messages as the medium of promotion but use bulk messages as the medium of employment generation too and making employment fastest and cheapest.

Bulk Messaging Software is helping in the engagement on the business’s website too by combining the bulk messages with an offer, information or coupon message with the website link.

Bulk Messaging Software targets the specific audience and place which helps the business to shoot for the customers who are in want and that’s what makes bulk messaging more responsive. Giant companies are even using bulk messaging or bulk messages as the quickest way to get the customers feedback or complaints.


Why Bulk messaging services will grow even more in the future?

Digital receipt through bulk messages to the customers helping the businesses to go eco-friendly thus helping a lot of business from environment penalty and bulk messaging helps to keep the better record than the traditional way.

Bulk messages are the future as well as the present of short and most effective marketing tool on this earth and Bulk Messaging Software operator or maker both holds the future of technology and business in their hands.

Unlike other methods of advertisement such as newspaper, or hoardings, the bulk messaging can target the audience globally in the most economical way with saving a lot of time as bulk messages are sent in just one go.

Educational business is also using the bulk messaging system to send information to students and parents in lesser time and cost. In some of the business surveys, it is also found that bulk messages which were short and precise and also attached with some kind of code had a high open-rate and response rate than any other medium of digital marketing.

Bulk messaging is setting up reminders for the consumer of certain business-like sale is going on, which boosts up the chances for business in increasing sale. Bulk messages keep the loyal customers updated which helps business to build trust.

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How a business can enhance customer service through bulk messages?

Asking about customer’s satisfaction feedback.

Through the bulk messaging service businesses can send the bulk messages to their customer which will be asking about the feedback regarding the business’s products and services. Through bulk messages, customers can also send improvement tips to the business which will increase customer satisfaction.

Allowing consumer interactions with the business expert via bulk messages.

If any of the customers are facing problem with the product or service then bulk SMS service can help in gathering a feedback to resolve the issue effectively.

This system doesn’t need a phone call or oriental conversation to seek out the problem. The bulk messaging made conversation easy for the customers and the businesses too.

Digital receipt or bill sending through Bulk Messaging Software.

Bills, invoices or receipts gets sent to the customers digitally through the bulk messaging. This not only helps consumers to keep the track for a very long time but also helps business to keep the track of a transaction in a safe and paperless manner.

Sharing promotional codes and information.

Sharing the promotional codes, discount codes or offer codes and information with your customers is so convenient and ROI booster through bulk messages on regular basis.

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Some of the Examples of big business using bulk messaging.

Domino’s Pizza-Multi Channel Marketing

Ryan Swanson, the area director of the Domino’s Pizza Franchise at UNC-Charlotte started his bulk message campaign with 2 clear goals those were, marketing his Facebook page and wanting to grow his bulk messaging list.

At some basketball games, he used to run an ad on display screen that anyone who will text 49ER to 313131 will get a free pizza. This way he increased his bulk messaging contact list.

For further he sent the message to the contacts he got that whosoever will join the Facebook group will get free pizza and people responded to the messages and did exactly same and he was successfully able to achieve his goals.


CNN uses the bulk messaging service by activating the simple subscription. If anyone wants to subscribe to CNN, they simply have to text ‘ALERTS’ to the organisation’s short code and starts receiving the daily alerts, short news headlines and other information about what’s going to happen on CNN today. With the help of bulk messages the CNN increases the excitement of events among their audiences and increase consumers.

Reebok-promotion and branding

Through the bulk messaging medium the famous sports brand Reebok keep updated its customers and subscribers about the sale, discounts, offers, new nearby outlets, product launch and its features etc.

Chipotle- text to apply

Chipotle uses the bulk messages for employment generation too. A person can simply text ‘job’ on their given franchise number and they respond with the time of interview and date of interview. With the help of bulk messages, the chipotle is helping in economical growth and also the word of mouth increases employee satisfaction.


Advantages of bulk messaging or Bulk Messaging Software.

1. Connects Globally

Bulk messaging or Bulk Messaging Software send the SMS and can provide the service at a global platform, any business or any firm can send bulk messages anywhere in the world by sitting anywhere at any time. With the globalization of the businesses, this bulk message marketing is a useful tool to promote the brand in any country at one time.

2.Fast Delivery

Bulk messaging is the fastest form of medium to convey a message or any information to the vast number of consumers at one time and the bulk messages are sent instantly. Through bulk messages, the company don’t have to wait much for the customer’s responses about something launched by the company.

3.High readability

SMS has a high rate of readability than email. 90% of the people tend to read the message within 3 seconds of the delivery whereas email has a specific time. Also, bulk messages have higher audiences because everybody in the world has at least one phone number and one cell phone with them.

4.Higher conversion rates

Bulk messages have a higher conversion rate than any social media medium. The conversion rate of the bulk messaging was 45% last year and its increasing day by day. Thus big giant like Amazon is also on the path of marketing through bulk messaging.


Bulk messaging is the fastest growing marketing tool in the world and bulk messages soon going to be the big thing in India. Many Indian companies already have adopted the service of bulk messages including OYO and Ola cabs and many more sooner or later going to jump on Bulk Messaging Software.

The concept of bulk messages is little confusing at first especially by the small business owners in India but once understood the technique and small planning for bulk messages can bring the fortunes to the Indian business person.

Bulk messages can decrease the traditional paperwork in the Indian economy thus can save the Indian environment too. Additionally, Bulk messaging service is not very expensive like any other marketing service. So, it’s not difficult to spare some rupees for a business to opt for bulk messages with the help of a Bulk Messaging Software expert.

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