Difference between a Transactional SMS and A Promotional SMS

In today’s world, we see that the way we communicate with each other has changed a lot and this is the reason why communication has become so quick. When we talk about text messages, it is the most affordable and quick way to communicate with people who are sitting in the different parts of the world. The service of SMS is not only effective when we talk about the personal use of it is also very effective when we talk about the professional use.

Send Bulk SMS

Have you ever noticed that whenever you do a transaction online or you take money from your ATM, there is a message which comes on your mobile phone within the seconds when a transaction happens? These messages are generally sent by banks or insurance companies to tell the clients about the transactions which take place on their accounts.

The transactional messages which are sent to all the customers for passing important information related to the account a person:

The message is sent by a bank to all the account holders about the details of their accounts. This also means providing the information on the details of the account balance and the debit and credit amount as well.

The messages which are sent by companies to tell their customers about the invoice amount.
So, basically, the transactional SMSes are for the purpose of giving information about the details of their accounts and the regular updates as well.

As compared to the transactional SMS, promotional SMSes prove very helpful when it comes to promoting the product and services of a company. Promotional SMSes are very helpful in telling people about various promotional offers which are provided by a company, there is bulk SMS reseller who provides the services of sending promotional messages so that a company can easily promote its business.

The promotional SMSes which a company sends need to be effective so that they can easily catch the attention of people who are planning to buy some particular product or services. With the help of a bulk SMS reseller, you, as a business owner can easily ensure that they can update their potential customers with all the new offers.

So, if you are into a business, then promotional messages can help you achieve your business goals in an easy and efficient manner as this is considered as the quickest and affordable way to promote a business.

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