Real time SMS delivery tracking report you will get.

Live tracking system will show you how many messages are delivered, sent, undelivered or queued.

We are providing a vast number of services to our customers like live reports,
SMS Live Delivery reports, and weekly and monthly reports to the company.

The SMS Tracking Report will tell you how many people received your message, how many people clicked links, and how many messages were undelivered.

We have modern technology with the help of which we can deliver all types of messages to the company.

Advantages of Live delivery tracking system

With Live Tracker, you can ensure that your business runs efficiently and correctly.

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    It helps to know where your vehicles were 24/7.
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    Added more value to the clients.
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    Monitor the fleet in real-time.
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    Increase the trust of the customers.

Reports you can monitor

Live delivery reports

Campaign reports

Scheduled campaign reports

Daily/Weekly/Monthly reports

Credit/Debit reports

Transactions reports

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