Why do you need whatsapp marketing and how do you do it?

What is WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp marketing defines messenger marketing which favors a business promotion or brand via WhatsApp. WhatsApp platform helps a business or brand to reach a huge audience that results in good sales of the products of marketers. Moreover, WhatsApp Marketing builds a good customer-marketers relationship.

Why do you need WhatsApp Marketing?

WhatsApp is a comprehensive user connected channel. The number of users of WhatsApp is increasing tremendously all over the world. There are more than 340 million users active on WhatsApp in India. Through WhatsApp, you can communicate with the global world as it is a global user-based platform.

However, choosing WhatsApp for marketing is a great idea. This can be an effective channel to make a huge population aware of your brand. WhatsApp Marketing is important in today’s era if you wish to promote your business widely without less hassle and time.

The main reason you need WhatsApp for marketing is its fastest chat communication features with people. WhatsApp Marketing benefits you in a big way. Today, users prefer to chat to calls for any business dealing. In such a situation, WhatsApp is at the forefront. For instance, if a company provides an Email, helpdesk number, and WhatsApp media for their customer service, 70% of customers will try WhatsApp to resolve their queries. 

Making your business deal through Email or direct contact is not as effective as WhatsApp chat. This is because users are not so active on Email, so there is no certainty when the recipients will read your marketing messages. Similarly, it may not be possible for customers to receive your voice calls every time.

On the other hand, if you send a text message regarding business to your customers, they will respond to your messages immediately or within a few minutes as they are most active on WhatsApp. Therefore, no marketing message will be skipped by the recipient. 

Hence, WhatsApp Marketing puts you in touch with your near and far-flung clients, which makes a way to promote your business.

There are numerous advantages of WhatsApp Marketing. It mainly determines your goals. By using a WhatsApp Business account or WhatsApp Business API, you can effectively keep your clients informed of your product updates resulting in excellent sales of your products.

WhatsApp provides an excellent place for social marketing with personal interactions with your clients for free, not available in other communication media. Also, through WhatsApp, you can make your customers happy with your superior customer service. Owing to the preferred communication channel of the audience, WhatsApp Marketing has turned into the need of the hour to promote the business, which cannot be ignored. 

How do you do WhatsApp Marketing?

For WhatsApp marketing, you need to know various WhatsApp Marketing aspects. You need to adopt some points to promote your business through WhatsApp as a marketing platform.

1. Determine your Aims & Objective

On WhatsApp Marketing, first, you have to set your marketing Aims & Objections. Only then can you focus on your actual business activities. It would be best if you analyze your marketing behavior, and at the same time, you should find out your weak points and improve the same. Be sure of your goals, and steer them in the right direction. When you start WhatsApp Marketing, you must be sure of your dreams, target audience category, and business policy.

2. Mark your target audience

It would be best if you marked your target audience. 

You can apply several approaches to determine your target audience, and the best one is to make customers’ profiles and try to explore them. You must be aware of the customers’ needs, their preferences, and at the same time, you are sure of yourself what services they will get from you? What is the specialty of your products? Why should customers buy your products?

3. Use WhatsApp business Application

To meet the demand of small or big companies or organizations, WhatsApp launched a WhatsApp Business Application, which comes with some additional features to make the marketing process of marketers more convenient and simple. The helpful features of the WhatsApp Business application include a Business Profile, Catalog, Quick Reply, and Level. The mentioned features help you connect with the audience and help your brand reach out to them, yielding good results. For WhatsApp Marketing business account is mandatory.

4. Form your Communication

WhatsApp messages rank at higher rates than any other message, and it’s very interesting and useful. Your voice memos on WhatsApp have more impact on the recipient. However, you need to provide your relevant content and deliver topic-based messaging as per the marketing needs.

Also, sometimes, you need to educate your customers about various real aspects beyond your promotional messages. You always try to make your content short because people are not interested in reading longer content. People usually open WhatsApp messages immediately, but they leave long messages for later reading, which is not in favor of your WhatsApp marketing.

5. Create a brand identity

Creating a brand identity is most important for WhatsApp marketing. This is because people like to communicate with businesses with good profiles. Before making a deal, they judge the company’s characteristics and image. 

Hence, brand identity is a big factor in WhatsApp’s Marketing strategy. It would be best if you created a brand identity with your brand characteristics, attitudes, objectives, and values ​​

An attractive brand personality goes a long way in attracting the attention of people towards any business. Your brand personality will convey your voice, business characteristics, and ability to communicate on WhatsApp. Similarly, it would be best if you made your customers feel that they are dealing with an individual, not a company. If your marketing behavior is friendly, it will impact customers’ interest in your business.


WhatsApp [1] is a customer preferred channel for communication. Hence, you need to build a better contact list to promote and grow your business. You can take advantage of receiving new contacts by using the subscription form. You may create your website page on different social media platforms, like Facebook, LinkedIn. This will be a great benefit to customer communication.  

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