Retain existing customers via Bulk SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Marketing is an elementary level; marketing is about defining the worth of your product or service and sharing that information with customers. Marketing professionals say that there are four aspects that impact buying choices.
Bulk SMS Marketing
These four aspects are recognized as the marketing assortment:


    • Product          : What are you going to trade?
    • Price             : How much cost you decide for your product?
    • Place             : Where will the public purchase your product?
    • Promotion  : How will the public know about your product?

What is Bulk SMS Marketing?

Bulk SMS service is the distribution of large figures of SMS messages for sending to mobile phone depots. Media companies, small and large enterprises, banks (for advertising and fraud regulation) and consumer brands for a multiple of reasons comprising entertainment, industries and mobile promotion. It is an effective tool for fascinating customers and rising customers’ reliability.

It has become one of the utmost prevalent types of mobile marketing, as it is the fastest, precisely easy, user – friendly technology and not very costly way to convey information.

Sectors which use these services

  • Schools         : What are you going to trade?
  • College       : How much cost you decide for your product?
  • Industry    : Where will the public purchase your product?
  • Retail Shop    : How will the public know about your product?

Beside these,

  • 20-30 % of customers read the messages
  • 47% of recipients who tap the SMS-link do the purchase
  • SMS obligates a 98% open proportion
  • Many billion people use mobile phones

How to retain existing customers via Bulk SMS Marketing?

If you monitor a few meek guidelines, you can certainly retain all your old customers and keep your business going through customer relationship management strategy.

Why Do Trades Flop? The answer is modest – Shortage of customers. If you have sufficient customers, you will be successful in business, period! However, as vital as attaining new customers is, customer relationship management professionals proclaim that it is extremely more important to retain the existing ones.

A very recent study by Investpro indications that it takes five folds as much to draw a new client than to preserve an existing one. The primary rule of trade, consequently, is to retain customers and form loyal and reliable associations with them.

Few steps towards retaining the existing customer

1. Keep a separate database: Always keep a database of your customers sorted agreeing to their buying habits. While sending Bulk SMS to the customers, particularly while endorsing new deals to existing customers, use this sorted list can be very useful to tackle the customer interest.

  • Buying habits can be determined by
  • Procurement history
  • Buying behavior
  • And comforts    

2. Address them by their forenames: Such service providing podiums that allow you to send SMS with a choice of addressing the customer by his/her names. Recollect that sentiment you get while a chief soul is talking to you by your name? The entire association converts into a personal conversation.

Provide the customers with this similar sentiment. Such companies should have one such great option that offers this feature. It will support you load the customers’ Databank and spring you the choice to aim the customers by his/her names.

3. Keep in mind their important dates: We all had that emotion of saying “Oh, they know today is my anniversary or birthday” every time our bank or any of the other service providers propels us a personalized SMS to wish us on our auspicious day.

Though many of the persons are not interested in the SMS from these firms, maybe because of one reason that they will subtract the money from the account. So use the similar approach but twist your attitude to polish the flaws of such firms.

Make your message less formal and more personal. Wish your customers well on their birthdays, children’s birthdays, marriage anniversary, etc.

4. Send festive or special SMS: Make the customer wake up in the dawn of the first day of a new month to see a communication from you greeting them into the new month or special occasions. In India, we have many festivals and occasions which can be used for such services.

Wish and tell that it will be the best month ever. Do this for the exciting customers but remember not to advertise the marketing matter in the message

By doing this, the customer will trust the service provider and be reliable to the brand. Customer will      refer their family and friends to use the same service.

5. Provide excellent customer service and support: Customer service is the pillar of many businesses. The two most main aspects of customer support is:

  • It must be instantaneous.
  • It should be portable, which means SMS can be read and switched almost anytime
  • Employ good communication customer service representatives to look after the texts
  • Proper Helplines for opportune care
  • Steadfast quality facility
  • Long-Term Business service

6. New Schemes and ideas: One need to catch on the existing customer a long time to improve profit limits. This means one needs to come up with significant marketing plans and approaches, like calls, emails, podcasts, web seminars and many more. This will make the customer accord and stay with the service provider for the longer period.

7. Permission-based Aiming: It is crucial to follow permission-based promotion practices. For instance, if a customer is signing up a service provider their contact number will add to the service provider texting list. It ensures that the communications are directed to the beset audience only and not to any unplanned individual.

In a technology and digital landscape everywhere customers are persistently active on their mobiles, smartphone, tablets or not, SMS promotion has developed an essential portion of any communication policy. Be it a young generation or elder, every group of customers will be certain to get an SMS, building it the prevalent option for personal and instantaneous commercial communication.

Bulk SMS Marketing can be the highly influential promoting means if used expertly.
Bulk SMS – Best way to convert visitors into valuable clients

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