What does SMPP stand for?

Short message peer to peer which devices & software apps send & receive text messages thorugh the internet.

SMPP Received Bulk SMS

The SMPP is supported by a 7 level TCP/IP protocol which enables the speedy delivery of SMS.

SMPP Send Bulk SMS

SMPP is considered the most standard protocol for sending SMS messages to network providers and many providers as thor Indian protocol.

It is also used to allow third-party services such as value-added service providers to provide text messages in bulk.

Types of Bulk SMS

There are three types of versions in SMPP

SMPP Version

Why choose LogOn as your SMPP Gateway?

SMPP Protocols are generally preferred for high number SMS traffic between ESME and SMPP server. To end the connectivity with remote SMPP Gateway requires one SMPP customer at your application.

  • SMPP
    More than Years of experience in messaging solution
  • SMPP
    Proprietor technology with scalable SMS Gateway
  • SMPP
    Connectivity of multiple Operator for faster delivery
  • SMPP
    Load Balancing capability for maximum uptime
  • SMPP
    Transparent billing
  • SMPP
    365 days of support

Our Short Message Peer to Peer Protocol (SMPP) protocol server helps establish a connector with our best routing services based on a standardized mobile messaging protocol. Feature of our SMPP Gateway API is mentioned below-

  • SMPP
    Binds Mode Supported: Transmitter, Receiver &; Transceiver, and Outbound
  • SMPP
    Multiple Sessions bind supported
  • SMPP
    Two way messaging
  • SMPP
    1000 messages per second
  • SMPP
    Panel to detect real Traffic and Delivery Reports
  • SMPP
    Global SMS coverage
  • SMPP
    100% guarantee delivery of SMS
  • SMPP
    Supports binary, texts and Unicode
  • SMPP
    Support for Transactional and Promotional SMS
  • SMPP
    Powerful SMS Gateway with high throughput
  • SMPP
    Secure and Reliable Routes/Gateways
  • SMPP
    A dedicated project manager

Steps of SMPP

SMPP Secure Transactional Bulk SMS

Send Request for SMPP

SMPP Secure User SMS Panel

We will check your panel and [provide you a user name, IP address, and password

SMPP Secure Bulk SMS

Integrate our SMPP to your Panel

SMPP Sending Bulk SMS

Transmit Bulk SMS from your system to fast delivery


From SMPP, the Message goes to SMSC and then is delivered to ESME.

SMPP Revived Bulk SMS

Can receive Message

SMPP Promotional Bulk SMS

Back after SMPP integration

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