Get ready for new business promotion in 2018 via SMS campaign

The new year is already up and its time to heighten your new business. There are many tactics used by you in 2017 for SMS campaign promoting your business. However, it resulted not as expected. Don’t forget the fact that every barrier has a solution. This 2018 can be fruitful if you use business promotion via the SMS campaign. It is the most effective way to promote your products and services within a short span of time.

Never forget the strategy “The best marketing is all about communication”. Having the best products and services, but not communicated to the interested audience means your services have no value. In this circumstance, you need an effective SMS campaign. This marketing allows you two-way communication which, in turn, clears all queries between you and your customers.

Often complaints are registered about the messages got by the users. Using the Bulk SMS service, it is advised to send the right to the right customer. Sometimes the wrong messages are received by the customers. These circumstances put a wrong impact on the customers.

Segmentyour audience : Often complaints are registered about the messages got by the users. Prior using the Bulk SMS service, it is advised to send the right to the right customer. Sometimes the wrong messages are received by the customers. These circumstances put a wrong impact on the customers.

This barrier can be eliminated by segmentation of audience. This strategy is used for the most relevant messages. It clearly differentiates the informational message and spam.

To make this strategy entirely successful, you can take the assist of the Bulk SMS service provider. It integrates your CRM to your messaging platform which will send the right message to the right person. This strategy will be more helpful as most all people have smartphones that will be used to track which mobile campaigns are getting clicks or engagement. In brief, this tactic will assist you a continual growth.

SMS should be short, understandable, and attractive : One of the best new business promotions in 2018 via SMS campaign is text should not be more than 160 characters. This is the most significant tip as it will give your Bulk message service a successful journey. The best way to make this journey successful is to make the message, short, precise, and understandable.

In this world of the digital era, every person has a little time to read, write or even convey to others. The short messages would result fruitful as it will remember the audience for a long time. Moreover, if this message marketing strategy has a short and attractive SMS, it will put a long-lasting impact on the customers.

Don’t become a spammer : Always remember the fact that sending SMS to your customer is a Prerogative, not a right. It’s your duty to send the informative message to your customers, which will not bother them. Don’t send them messages too often. If so, your customers will get irritated and you will lose your prerogative.

Make sure to send good messages that are relevant in nature. A good SMS campaign includes that marketing which puts a strong influence on the customers. If he would not receive, he will feel unhappy.

Create Timing messages more : As per the recent survey, timing is everything. The SMS has a deal showing it will be expired soon is more effective. These sorts of messages are open soon. People used to open and influence timing messages more.

Sending Bulk SMS campaign is a strategy which is the somehow daunting task. Logon Utility is a Bulk SMS service provider offering the effective service package to the newbies. It offers new business promotions that will hike up your business sales. Creating time messages are somehow complicated but if you would get
our assist, your this task will be done easily.

The SMS open rate is higher than email open rate : The average email open rate climbs gradually after sending for about 24 hours. The average text message open rate spikes, with 70% of opens happening in the first 60 minutes.

As per the surveys, the average email open rate climbs gradually once sent for about 24 hours. The average SMS open rate spikes, with 75% of opens happening in the first 90 minutes.

In this case, the best Enterprise SMS solution includes making sure to send text more than Email. For Instance, if you had a regular customer and he is not coming to your store for a long time, rather than sending him email try to send him an attractive message, which will influence him to get back after
reading attractive deal.

Moreover, in this digital world, smartphones are the best partner. Without it, nobody survives. Even the old aged or illiterate people used to have smartphones and they try to read all messages. These people never read email as they don’t have an email account. Hence, there may be no doubt that Bulk SMS service will assist you to connect with your audiences better. Get your Bulk SMS service through us thousands of your audience at the same time. It is believed that an SMS is opened within five minutes of its receipt, making it an effective medium to attain out on your target market.

The mass SMS services endow you to ensure your customers with the statistics of your newly launched product, monthly offers and discount, appointment reminders and different promotions. Get SMS API integration to send text with more comfort.

Bulk SMS will assist you to introduce your current and existing customers to your new merchandise or unique discounts. The Bulk SMS marketing is very economical, you may begin sending SMS @10 Paisa/SMS. So you may lessen your advertising and marketing budget. You don’t want a large advertising and marketing staff because you may send unlimited SMS in an only single click. You can timetable your bulk SMS so that you don’t need to spend the complete day for advertising and marketing.

In fact, the bulk SMS service has been around for the ultimate twenty years, it’s far still an immediate, economical and dependable medium of advertising. It allows companies in numerous approaches, here are the top six reasons that will assist you to apprehend better.

How bulk SMS marketing helps to reach the right audience?


The best media to convey : The timing of the message has an essential role from the customer’s point of view. Customers respect whilst brands value their time. The E-trade businesses make top use of this facility to hold their clients within the loop on their order and shipping status with properly timed message. Educational institute, Hospitals, Banks, etc. too use SMS provider to update their customers regarding their deposit, withdrawals, deposit, deductions and so on. This, in turn, permits you to cut down on price related to customer care services.

As the best Bulk SMS service provider, we offer this convenient medium of messages at very reasonable

Quick messaging : Whether you want to send a promotional SMS or a reminder message, we provide the best Enterprise SMS solution that will help you ship messages right away. Also, these text messages are read by its recipients within minutes of receiving them. These Bulk SMS can attain out to the maximum wide variety of people instantly and on the equal time get set off response from the target market. This marketing will endow you to get the right audience within a short period of time.

In low costs get better results : The fact is that marketing by the means of newspapers, television, radio, or different out of doors advertising methods can prove to be pricey for a small business. But it isn’t always the case with bulk SMS marketing. The Bulk SMS service provider will assist you to attain higher returns with low fees. If you’re operating a small company, you can reach lots of focused people successfully and quickly with a small price.

Get the right audience within a short span : Unlike different marketing services which are applied to the  random target audience, bulk SMS advertising is used to your right target audience. It means that the customer who’ve opted to get hold of your message is open to acquiring updates or facts from you. Also, with bulk SMS advertising you may be sure that your message has been acquired by your audience. In other cases, there is no proof whether the message has been received or not.

Hike up your business : SMS campaign is developing in recent times due to the fact you could reach a basic target audience with the help of bulk SMS campaign. As you already know everyone keeps their cell phone with them all of the time and most people tests all new incoming textual content messages. You send the transactional or promotional bulk SMS.

No message gets spam : The best feature of using the bulk SMS services is that no message will become spam as there is no spam box available. If you use the email facility, mostly messages get spam, resulting zero marketing of the product and services. Hence, sending advertisements through messages as the best way to track the right audience, regardless of thinking about whether the message will get or not.

Bulk SMS Case study


Our client is one of the top e-commerce that sells more than one million merchandise in a month by the way of online facility and it’s far one of the fastest developing e-commerce companies over last 5 years. They are getting increased day by day.

Goals & Challenges

The significant motive and desires of our e-commerce customer were to promote conversation among seller and the buyer due to the fact the timely replace will sell agree with and coordination. It is important to talk to the client the delivery status. They wanted to give up-to- cease SMS which protected affirmation, price reminders, verification, remarks and to advertise their merchandise.


Logon Utility turns it simple to enhance your clients buying revel in in a more exceptional manner. Logon Utility offers comprehensive and holistic offerings and different related textual content messaging solutions to E-commerce agencies that permit companies to speak with their customers with a lot of ease and quickness.

Based on the requirements, following are the Bulk SMS Services that Logon Utility has ensured :

  • Sign Up Alert for the patron
  • Forward one-time password (OTP) Alert for any Payment Confirmation
  • Delivery Status alert
  • Bulk SMS Marketing for increasing long-term relationships with the clients
  • Message with Short URL for price reminders in addition to sell merchandise to offer.
  • Mobile Verification SMS
  • Order Confirmation SMS
  • Gather the comments from the customer by using Long Code
Moreover, you can examine the ROI for your campaigns. Then strategically make well your advertising and marketing approach. The Bulk SMS offering assists to replace customers with discounts and up to date offers and additionally allows to communicate with the sellers. When it is a reply of reliability, Text messages are greater dependable than emails. Looking to start your own business than be a SMS reseller via easy way at Logon Utility.

For Instance, setting any order, tracking the facts related to the order and added to collect the response
and the feedback.

Outcome and Benefits

Straightforwardly, E-commerce has revolutionized the buying and promoting of products online in only an easy manner. When it’s about sending the bulk SMS for E-commerce establishments, Logon Utility is a one-stop end to give up solution. Our instantaneous SMS services permit you to attain to your goal and large patron globally, with round the veteran expert guide..

SMS notifications assist in ensuring amazing consumer experience. Any updates and immediately conversation when furnished on your customers allows in builds deep loyalty, agree with and helps in customer go back fee. Timely SMS enables you to opt for destiny advertising possibilities. You can explore any further future SMS campaign opportunities, you can additionally send for future or present and existing customers promotional gives, loyalty coupon with Logon Utility Short URL link on your website associated with e-commerce. To get know about the more Enterprise SMS Solution, log in our official web portal

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