An automated and fast Voice solution for making calls to customers.

You can call thousands of number simultaneously and reach targeted audience in a smart and efficient way.

Voice Bulk SMS

A voice SMS or outbound Dialer (OBD)is an automated pre-recorded call that merchandise bulk
voice calls.

Outbound Bulk SMS
Voice SMS

Voice SMS plays when a user picks the call and further asks for the contribution from the client to know the reaction of the bulk voice SMS.

LogOn’s Voice SMS is conceptualized depending on the recent innovation made and the bulk voice call traffic for both inbound and outbound models.

Logon Utility Support Service
Voice OTP
Election Campaign
Received Transactional Bulk SMS

Benefits of Logon Voice platform

  • SMPP
    Strong Backbone Infrastructure.
  • SMPP
    Supports Outbound.
  • SMPP
    Can Take 1000+ simultaneous calls instantly.
  • SMPP
    Dynamic call to landline or mobile number @ Indian rates
  • SMPP
    Pay only for Answered calls
  • SMPP
    No setup charges, No monthly fees.
  • SMPP
    No Hardware or software to buy.
  • SMPP
    Simple and easy interface
  • SMPP
    Monitor and control real-time reporting.
  • SMPP
    Works with a highly knowledgeable team
  • SMPP
    Easy Recording Options through our dial-in Record center.
  • SMPP
    Potential clients all over the country
  • SMPP
    Use your voice
  • SMPP
    Auto Redial calls a minimum of three times
  • SMPP
    Multiple Bulk Calls, for example, payment reminder of outstanding dues from Financial institution
  • SMPP
    Online NDNC Management.

Voice SMS services of LogOn provide the facility to reach your valued customer instantly. Voice SMS proved to be the most compatible with any communications platform. Get started reaching your customers anywhere in the country in less than ten minutes.

Significant benefits of Voice SMS

Voice Send in Bulk

Interactive voice SMS helps you make high returns on investment, and even many organizations are making more than 300% return on investment.

Transactional Sending Bulk SMS

Voice SMS is also used for taking surveys, feedback, and welcoming or thank you messages.

SMS Campaign

Voice SMS uses by a politician to reach out to the citizen to cast their vote.

Received Voice SMS

It is best to generate lead in the big organization at low investment.

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