10 Reasons Your marketing Strategy Must Include WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the world’s largest and most powerful communication platform, which gives us the advantages to chat, call, video call, group chat etc., with people from far and wide. Through WhatsApp, we can share photos, videos, files etc., with anyone. It provides us complete protection to our conversations with end-to-end encryption. 

WhatsApp can also become a robust platform for marketing. However, most marketers find it challenging to build a target audience on WhatsApp. They prefer Email platforms, contact numbers, etc., for communication with customers. However, WhatsApp is more capable of promoting business and building a better audience. WhatsApp marketing strategy is relevant. In this article, we will explain ten reasons why we should include WhatsApp in marketing strategy?

Ten reasons why I should include WhatsApp in marketing strategy?

1. WhatsApp is a widely-used messaging App

At present, there are more than 2 billion users of WhatsApp around the world. Users like WhatsApp software for messaging with their friends, relatives and others. Users are also the most active on WhatsApp, and hence, you will be able to build a target audience on this platform, which will promote your business. The idea of WhatsApp marketing strategy will prove to be effective.

2. Your target audience is available on WhatsApp

According to the survey, 70% of WhatsApp users are aged between 18 and 45, and your target audience is usually people in the middle of the mentioned age group. So, as your target audience is already on WhatsApp, you can easily reach your business to the audience via WhatsApp. 

Not only to the national audience, but you also market to the international audience, such as the United States, United Kingdom, because the WhatsApp application is global user-based. You can invite any category audience on WhatsApp. The WhatsApp platform is a go-to media that can diversify your audience segment. WhatsApp marketing strategy brings an opportunity in front of you to run your business internationally.

3. People prefer to chat for communication over calls 

Marketers should use the same channel to reach out to their audience, which audience prefers, and the audience likes to chat over call to communicate. You can leave a message to your customers at any time, but it will not be allowed in case of rings. Therefore, for any marketing strategy, marketers must use the audience’s preferred channel to communicate with them. WhatsApp marketing strategy helps you to reach your audience widely.

4.  WhatsApp provides more user engagement

As WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging App, 97% of WhatsApp messages are opened and read by the message recipient. They also reply to messages quickly. Therefore, all your marketing messages will be opened and read by people, and they will respond as well.

In addition, you can also add any updates or information about your business to the status of WhatsApp. People are also interested in posting and viewing WhatsApp status. Hence, WhatsApp marketing strategy also proves helpful in establishing a good relationship with clients.

5. Permission-based marketing is possible on WhatsApp

On WhatsApp, you cannot search for any contact. You send a request to your audience to share their numbers as it is a permission-based marketing platform. Users can receive your marketing messages and vice versa. In both cases, you must have enough respect for the users. You can reassure the audience with the features of your business. A large number of users may be interested in your industry. Hence, WhatsApp marketing strategy has the potential to accumulate a large audience.

6. WhatsApp gives the advantage to personalize the conversation

Interaction with customers is vital for the promotion of any business. You can interact with each of your customers on WhatsApp. This will make the customers feel free to express their demands and needs, and you can provide your products to them according to their requirements. Personal conversation creates an excellent customer relationship which is very important for marketing, and only WhatsApp marketing strategy makes it possible.

7. WhatsApp provides diverse features for marketing

Apart from personalized messaging, WhatsApp also provides various features, such as Group, Sharing, Broadcast, and status for the marketers as per their diverse marketing needs. Marketers can give information about their business and make their customers aware of their brands with the mentioned features. 

Through group chat, marketers can communicate with a large number of people, which saves their time. By sharing their business updates, marketers can reach a massive audience which leads to the growth of their business. WhatsApp marketing strategy facilitates the company in a big way.

8. WhatsApp business API

The WhatsApp Business API is meant for large companies or organizations that want to send automated business updates, notifications, etc., to their customers on the side of their business. Organizations pay for the messages they send to their customers on WhatsApp. This WhatsApp marketing strategy pushes the marketers to reach out to engaged users.

9. WhatsApp for customer service

Customer service is also a factor for WhatsApp marketing strategy. WhatsApp is the fastest communication tool, and therefore, customer service through WhatsApp is very convenient and effective for your business. Through WhatsApp chat, you can be aware of your customers with updates about your product, delivery tracking. You can also use WhatsApp chatbots to customize your business. Similarly, you can resolve your customers’ queries through text and voice calls.

10. WhatsApp allows marketing for free 

WhatsApp allows you to do marketing for free. You don’t need to pay WhatsApp for marketing as long as you don’t use WhatsApp Business API. It’s enough to include WhatsApp in your marketing strategy. WhatsApp is a free application with a connection to a vast population. It gives you the advantage of seamlessly connecting with your customers via chat and sharing your content using multiple media formats.


WhatsApp [1] is a gateway through which you can do your marketing all over the world with less effort. You can reach your business to your target audience via WhatsApp. Since it is an engaged user base platform, it will help promote your business.

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